• Need CLE?
  • Want to go to the Beach?
  • FREE Good with You?
  • Free CLE?
  • Free Housing?
  • Hang with some of the Best-in-the-Biz?
  • Make Connections?


The Bailey Fellowship experience at Convention is unparalleled – Bill Powers, President  


The Endowment – Alen Bailey Endowment 2017 CONVENTION FELLOWSHIP provides the chance to attend Summer Convention, which includes:

  • FREE Registration to the 2017 Convention in Sunset Beach, NC
  • FREE Room at the Sea Trail Resort
  • FREE CLE – 12 Hours Continuing Legal Education


Free Registration, CLE, Social Events and Networking?  What an Amazing Opportunity! – Chris Nichols, Immediate Past President NCAJ



DOWNLOAD APPLICATION:  2017 NCAJ CONVENTION Endowment Fellowship Application




Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there shining – Anne Lamott



Allen A. Bailey Endowment Professional Development Fellowship

​The Bailey Endowment offers NCAJ young lawyers the opportunity to further their professional development by applying for a fellowship to attend the NCAJ Annual Convention. Four NCAJ young lawyer members will be selected. Click here for the application. The deadline to apply is May 12.


Time is of the Essence 

APPLICATION DEADLINE:  Monday, May 12, 2017



Spread the News!


  • Help a New Lawyer
  • Write a Recommendation
  • Encourage them to Attend


Convention Sean Devereux, Devereux and Melissa Owen have invited two national speakers to CONVENTION 2017:









Keynote SpeakerProfessor Colin Miller, Associate Dean of Faculty Development & Professor of Law – EvidenceProf Blog and  Undisclosed Podcast

About NCAJ, Continuing Legal Education and #CONVENTION2017

The North Carolina Advocates for Justice NCAJ is a voluntary attorney association with approximately 3,000 active members.  NCAJ holds two annual conventions, during which Continuing Legal Education is offered to member attendees.

Traditionally “Mountain Magic” takes place in Asheville, North Carolina at the Grove Park Inn.  The Summer Convention is held in June and this year takes place in Sunset Beach, North Carolina and is hosted by the Sea Trail Resort.



A Masters of Advocacy traditionally involve two primary, general practice groups:  Criminal Masters of Advocacy and the Civil Masters of Advocacy.  The Summer #CONVENTION2017 focuses on Practical, Real-Life Considerations in the Practice of Law.


  • Convention Registration Costs
  • Masters in Advocacy – Criminal or Civil
  • RESORT  Accommodations

Four North Carolina Advocates for Justice “New Lawyer” Members will be chosen.  Selection is based upon:

  • Membership Status
  • Financial Need
  • Letter of Recommendation

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Bill Powers
Founding Partner at Powers Landreth PLLC