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The terms Criminal Defense and Criminal Defense Lawyer mean different things to different people.  Frankly, sometimes how people perceive Defense Attorneys is a matter of perspective or personal circumstance.

Criminal Defense is a broad practice group for lawyers.  Sometimes we handle relatively minor matters, helping people understand the system, explore options, and limit the long-term consequences of a poor decision or momentary lapse of judgment.

The process, and the client’s stated goals of legal representation in more minor allegations, may involve a collaborative approach with the Office of the District Attorney.  That may include things like alcohol or drug treatment, community service, and restitution.

To some extent it is less “adversarial,” meaning the State of North Carolina, as a matter of policy, is more concerned with changing behavior and helping people learn through their mistakes, than causing long-term criminal records and the associated long-term personal consequences.

When is a Criminal Defense Lawyer the Best Course of Action?

In other matters, especially cases involving Serious Felonies such as Murder, Manslaughter, Felony Death and Assaults, Criminal Defense means something much more.  Criminal Defense Attorneys work with clients facing life-changing allegations and charges.

Sometimes a Criminal Defense Lawyer is one of the few people standing between the accused a long prison term.  That is not to say there are not protections built into the system.

Things like the Presumption of Innocence, Burden of Proof, and Guilt Beyond a Reasonable Doubt are more than mere platitudes.  Clients charged with criminal offenses need to understand the importance of the Constitutions of North Carolina and the United States, the Bills of Rights, and the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments.

We have experience people helping clients charged with extremely serious felonies in North Carolina.

Representation involves more than obtaining treatment or accepting responsibility.  Given the facts and circumstances, it can be a long, arduous process involving the review of discovery materials, interviewing witnesses, filing and arguing Motions in Court, and ultimately presenting a Defense to a Jury of Peers.

A Defense Attorney That is On Your Side

We help people through difficult times.  We want clients to understand the charges and their options.  Lawyers work to balance and explain the best-case and worst-case scenarios to clients.

At Powers Landreth PLLC we often encounter people going through hard-times and in tough circumstances.  They are worried.  They are concerned.  They are confused and they don’t know which way to turn.

As experienced lawyers, we want to express compassion and concern, while also providing realistic legal advice and opinions.  There are times we are required to share hard truths.  The key to helping people, especially people facing criminal charges, is to do so with care, with concern, and without judging.

That’s what we do as Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Bill Powers


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Bill Powers is known as a polite, yet hard-nosed veteran of the courtroom. “Make no mistake, justice is a battle. My goal is to fight to the best of my abilities, while also being courteous to my opponent,” Powers says. “It’s something I work on every day.”

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