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“Hi, I’m Bill Powers. If someone you care about has been charged with driving while impaired and they need legal help, we’re here to provide assistance. DWI cases in North Carolina are very complicated. They’re a perfect storm of sorts. They include complex law, complex facts and complex science. Give us a ring, the consultation is always free and confidential. We’re here to help.”

Driving While IntoxicatedDriving While Intoxicated in North Carolina can possibly come with immense costs in the form of fines and jail time. In fact, after an arrest for a DWI, a driver’s license can possibly be revoked instantly. The removal of an individual’s license with a first DWI conviction might even last for one year. In some cases, the license can possibly be suspended before the conviction for the crime. If an individual refuses to take a chemical test, law enforcement officials can exercise an administrative license suspension. This has the potential to remove driver’s license privileges instantly.

DWI Laws in North Carolina

In some cases of license suspension, individuals may have the ability to apply for limited driving privileges after a set amount of days following conviction. These limited driving privileges, which can possibly be applied for after 30 days, might give an individual the ability to continue working and performing the required functions of his or her vehicle. The ability to apply for limited driving privileges may be lost after multiple DWI offenses. North Carolina DWI offenses committed within three years of another may constitute grounds for a multiple offense. The legal system may use the date of a DWI arrest as the starting point for measuring the three-year time frame. First-time offenders, along with the one-year driver’s license suspension, can possibly face fines of up to $2,000. Individuals arrested and convicted of DWI can possibly be sentenced to at least 24 hours of imprisonment; the sentence for first time offenders can be up to two years. Along with these punishments, 24 hours of community service can also be assigned to the convicted individual.

Upon an individual’s second conviction, his or her driver’s license can be suspended for four years; that’s four times as long as the first-time offense. A fine of $1,000 can possibly be levied against the violator as well as seven days to 12 months in prison, depending on the severity of the offense. If an individual is convicted of his or her second DWI within 7 years of a first DWI conviction, he or she may be unable to apply for limited driving privileges. After two years of having his or her license suspended, a two-time offender can potentially have the license restored after participating in a substance abuse program and proving, during a DMV hearing, that he or she has changed. Witnesses to improvement may be beneficial in this case.

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Third-time offenders and fourth-time offenders may receive even harsher punishments. Jail time for up to three years can possibly be assigned and the offender’s license might be permanently revoked. In any case, DWI offenders have the ability to hire a North Carolina DWI lawyer to protect their rights. Powers Landreth, PLLC are compassionate and willing to help those who have found themselves in violation of DWI law. Their experience can help get some individuals achieve more positive outcomes.