Traffic Violations Attorney for Residents Out of North Carolina

North Carolina traffic laws control traffic within the state’s borders. Though some may think that, since they are not residents of North Carolina, they can get away with traffic violations within the state. This is not the case.

North Carolina is part of a coalition known as the Non-Resident Violator Compact (NRVC). More than 40 other states are also part of this group. If an individual receives a traffic citation in North Carolina, but lives in another state that is part of the NRVC, North Carolina may potentially ask the individual’s home state to suspend a license if the person does not report for court or pay the fine. The state can also issue a warrant for the arrest of the accused individual. By not reporting for court in the jurisdiction where the violation took place, an accused driver can possibly be risking his or her license.

Drivers who have been pulled over may not always agree with their citations and may possibly decide not to pay their fines. Individuals who do not pay their North Carolina traffic violation fines may have to report to court to explain why they disagree with their citations. Some non-residents may want to fight their citations but their court date may not set for a time that they will be in the state. This creates a dilemma for the driver; though he or she knows that it is necessary to report to court, it may be difficult to attend because he or she will be home in a different state. For some, this can be on the other side of the country. Though non-resident drivers who have been accused of violating North Carolina traffic laws have a responsibility to report to court, they may be hindered by an inability to return to the state.

For some violations, a mandatory court appearance may be ordered. These traffic violations, such as hit and run, reckless driving, no proof of insurance, careless driving or excessive speeding, tend to be more serious. Those ordered to appear in court find themselves in a similar dilemma to those that are choosing not to pay the requested fine for their North Carolina traffic violation.

Those with a dilemma like this can, in some cases, hire a lawyer to appear in court for them. By hiring the legal representation of Powers Landreth, out of state residents may be able to have their arguments put forth without having to return to North Carolina to do so. The attorneys at Powers Landreth, PLLC stand ready to help those who are in need of interstate representation.

The North Carolina traffic lawyers working for Powers Landreth are experienced and have the abilities to educate and help any individual, regardless of his or her home state, who has received a North Carolina traffic violation.