Traffic Violations Practice Areas

Who hasn’t sped a little bit on the highway or driven through an intersection on a yellow light? Maybe you are from the West Coast and fond of the rolling “California Stop” when you approach a stop sign. Unfortunately, small infractions can lead to bigger problems if you have had previous action taken against your license. At Powers Landreth we understand that traffic violations happen. More importantly, we believe that just because you have been cited for a traffic violation does not mean you a guilty of a traffic violation. We understand that violations can happen, but they are not something we take lightly. The attorneys at Powers Landreth are happy to help you contest your traffic violations and handle several types of cases in our practice groups, including:

These situations often arise when a client doesn’t understand the restrictions that are currently placed on their license as a result of a previous criminal case or traffic violation. At Powers Landreth we will make sure you understand the terms of your license restriction or suspension so that you can avoid any subsequent issues.

When we handle traffic violation cases we understand that your ability to drive may be in jeopardy. We know that getting to work, taking your children to school and generally getting around can be extremely difficult without the ability to drive. We vigorously defend each of our clients against any charges of a traffic violation and do our best to ensure that you stay on the road. Call (704) 342-4357 to discuss the specifics of your case and to see what the traffic violation defense attorneys at Powers Landreth can do for you.