Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

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A common criminal charge is possession of drug paraphernalia. Now I’m often asked, what is drug paraphernalia? The answer to that question is kind of complicated. There are lots of things listed in the statute and it’s not an exhaustive list. Drug paraphernalia may include rolling papers, or a lighter, or a marijuana pipe, or a crack pipe, or any of a host of other things. Drug paraphernalia is a serious charge carrying up to 120 days in custody. So it’s important that you have representation on your case to find out how the officers came to find this in your possession, whether it was in your possession and whether it is drug paraphernalia. There may be issues connected with your case and speaking to an attorney is an important part of figuring out the tactics. So contact us without delay if you’ve been charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.